Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA):

A new Electronic ETA facility called ETA for a short visit to Sri Lanka on 1st January 2012 to boost the tourism sector of the nation.

ETA is an endorsement to facilitate a travel of Foreign nationals into the country and for their period of stay under the conditions of the rules and regulations prevailing in Sri Lanka for such stay.Tourists who intend to visit Sri Lankan territory must have a valid ETA issued by Department of Immigration & Emigration of Sri Lanka. Tourists can apply online for the Sri Lankan ETA on this website which is completely electronic procedure. The form is submitted online and the approval for the same will be communicated via email.

An ETA is an Electronic Travel Authorization for your stay in Sri Lanka for a duration of 30 days. You are required to complete and submit the online application form, make the payment online and you may expect the ETA to be emailed to you in 1-2 business days. Please note that the Sri Lanka ETA applications are processed from Monday to Friday during business hours only. It is of utmost important that the information you fill in the application are accurate and they are properly verified before submission. To be eligible to travel to Sri Lanka, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from your return journey date from Sri Lanka. Name, Date of Birth, Citizenship, Passport Number and Passport dates, they all must be correct. If there is any error in the application then your ETA will get rejected and you will be required to apply fresh.

How ETA Works For You:

For the Sri Lankan ETA your are not required to submit your original passport or any original document. All you must do is submit your application on this website, make the payment with your credit or debit card. An email with the reference number will automatically be generated to your email address mentioned in the application form. You need to quote the application number while enquiring regarding the ETA status. You can also check the status online at www.eta-srilanka.org with the same reference number.

All travellers including children and infants require an individual ETA to travel to Sri Lanka regardless of their age. Processing time may be extended if: applicant submitted any incorrect information in the application or having any criminal convictions. ETA is initially limited to 30days validity from the date of arrival although it may be extended for up to six months period or request. For urgent travel you can avail the Express ETA services with extra fees in 3 hours by contacting the customer helpline number on the website..The ETA will be linked to your passport number so please ensure that you travel on the same passport against which you have applied for the same.

Easy & Instant ETA Process :

1. Fill-in online application and Pay online immediately after submission.
2. Get your approved ETA in email. Print the approval letter and you must keep a copy of the same, all the time during your travel period in Sri Lanka.

ETA Fees :

ETA fees is $ 69.00 and it is non-refundable after submission of application. Approval or rejection of the ETA application depends on the decision of the Sri Lankan Immigrations department.


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